Being more specific: For me, drawing becomes a way of mapping out and expressing the foundations, skeletons, and scaffoldings of ideas. The scrawls of these ideas find leverage and exploration in their open interpretations. The way one person perceives the drawings (and the world) is, inherently, different from the way every other person does. The marks made create a known yet illusive language. I am interested communicating in this language, to seek balance and create a harmony through the rhythm of this drawn expression. Like life, this process is unending. Paper provides the space and drawing marks the time—this is existence. 

Theory: Perception is the way we create the world around us—a construct that influences our experience of space and time. Perception is a subjective tool to process the myriad of phenomena that we interact with in the process of becoming with the world, as a living being experiencing that world. Thusly, we sculpt the world around us. My practice is a drawing practice is rooted in this perception. 

This is about a drawing practice presented in seven (7) propositions:

  • Seeing balance with perception 
  • Drawing as metaphysical designs/maps
  • Form, line, and pattern 
  • Monochromatic appearance 
  • Paper as foundational transportation 
  • Economy of means
  • Spirit (of being present)

This drawing practice is better situated and viewed next lenses/filters. These tools can help to shape how the drawings are perceived. This is the dialogue, the communication, I seek with myself and the viewer. These lenses and filters show and refine a conscious processing of what can be perceive in the drawings. Three (3) lenses/filters are:

  • Rhythm: waves, echos, cycles. Patterns and repetitions seek balance and harmony.
  • Humor: the oblique humor that is the shared human condition. A form/emotion of organic connection.
  • Meditation: A contemplation of presence in the present. Reflection on being.

These lenses/filters position the drawings in a space and in a time. Drawing is both introspectively cathartic and outwardly communicative. This process is about curiosity, and being pushed to look beyond. To seek the other and to seek transcendence. 

These are abstract real drawings-this is their premise.